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About us

Who We Are

We are an online marketing agency focused especially on conversion rate optimization (CRO) and on building online strategies for generating a plus in sales and profit.

We strongly believe in tested marketing actions, the usefulness of which is validated in the day by day professional practice.This is why we developed a working style based first and foremost on specific validated data and not on different opinions, presumptions or good practices.

We believe in conversion rate optimization because the success of each online business is decisively influenced by the ability to transform the visitors of the site into customers. The conversion rate is the one that ‘decides’ to what extent your money invested in marketing returns back to you.

Our customers are companies domestic and abroad, from the most varied areas of activity: software, alternative medicine, construction, automotive, real-estate, HR, jewelry, or publishing. From job portals to online stores, lead generating sites or mobile applications.

Each member of the Direct Spark Team has at least one certification for web analytics (discipline of collecting, processing and analyzing online data) or conversion optimization

Our Methodology

The methodology we work with goes beyond good practices, creative ideas or words that sell. It is rather a rigorous process that helps us:

1. Find out (not guess!) why the users of your site don’t do what you want them to do (i.e. buy, ask for an offer, subscribe, etc.)
2.Propose solutions that we test in order to validate their efficiency.
This process is known as conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Going through this process is not necessarily easy, sometimes just the opposite. Instead it works, systematically generating excellent results.

The process:

Developing the Optimization Framework

  • We understand the business behind your site
  • We define the goals of the collaboration and the performance indicators
  • We mutually agree on the reporting system
  • We customize Google Analytics (and, if required, other necessary tools) to ensure an excellent measurability level for all the actions

Analysis of Traffic and User Experience

This step is actually an exhaustive analysis with the goal to understand the users of your site – the ones that take action as well as the ones that abandon your site.

First of all we find out who they are and how they navigate on the site. What is their behavior, what are the intentions that brought them on the site? We identify the area of the site that have potential, that have not been exploited and the areas that cause the abandonment of the site. We discuss with the sales and customer service staff in order to find out as many details as possible about the behavior of the customers in different stages of the buying process.

We analyze the site through the eyes of the customer, by doing usability tests:

  • Does the site load correctly in different platform systems?
  • Do the pages/images load quickly enough?
  • Is it easy to navigate on the site?
  • Are the texts on the site clear and relevant?
  • Are there functionality problems that can cause the visitors to abandon?

In order to complete the above analyses we use complementary software that follow the activity of users on the site, where they click, where they scroll on the page, which pages they have seen, we find out their opinions directly by means of all sorts of questionnaires.

Here are some instruments that we use, to understand your users.

logos Clicktale, Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, Qualaroo, Mixpanel, Survey Monkey, Attention Wizzard, Zopim, Google Page Insights

Within Google Analytics we configure ways to follow the goals, in order to find out which are the key points on the site, where the visitors abandon and don’t get to be customers any more.

In short, we want to find out the profile of the site visitor as precise as possible, to know what he/she likes, and what dissatisfies him/her as an effect of the interaction with the site.

We Find and Implement Easy and Impactful Solutions

After identifying all the problems and opportunities that exist regarding a site, a prioritization of these follows. We look to first implement the solutions that do not imply high costs and/or a long time.

Solution Development and Testing

We devise and develop solution that will be tested with specialized software and the ones with the highest impact on the conversion rate growth will be implemented or, if necessary the ones with the highest impact on the revenue.

Certain openness is necessary for realizing the variations, because only few improvements can come out of few changes. Extraordinary ideas are necessary in order to get extraordinary results. And obviously, there is courage needed to test these ideas.

Revision and Implementation

The last step of the methodology for conversion rate optimization is the revision of the results and the implementation of the winning solutions.
Most often, the failures are as important for us as are the successes – from both we learn very much and get ideas for the next tests.

Values, Convictions, and Our Working Method

We wish for your to play an active role and to get involved in our collaboration. Our recommendations work best when implemented – obviously.

The confidentiality is guaranteed and maintained the entire time.

At the beginning of every collaboration we look to understand the model of your business and the current situation. Only after that we can develop adapted solutions according to your needs.

We do not believe and do no guess that something is going to have a positive impact on your business. All our decisions are based on data.


If you have some questions, concerns, questions, they will be dealt with promptly.