Your outsourced growth hacking team

Beyond traditional consulting our team can help you with key growth activities,
from strategy & CRO to actually doing copywriting, design & UX for you.


Product & growth strategy

growth2We help you build your overall growth strategy, define KPI’s, validate your product, choose the right channels.

Conversion Copywriting

copywriting2We help you optimize for conversion your copy for landing pages, email marketing and PPC ads.

Web Analytics

analytics We set in place tools like Google Analytics or Mixpanel for you, we interpret data and derive actionable suggestions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

coversion We help choosing what to test and set up a A/B testing framework that constantly generates wins.

Usability & UX Design

UXWe employ user tests, surveys, eye tracking campaigns and also prototypying, design & coding.

PPC Marketing Campaigns

ppc We manage your Adwords, FB and remarketing campaigns accounts, with strong focus on optimizing your Ads ROI.

Replace marketing guesswork with a data driven style

Traditional working method

Usually based on guesswork, no useful feedback from users, just lot of debates within the team on what should be done.

Data driven marketing – our approach

Means having analytics systems in place, testing & measuring instead of just guessing. Gives you great clarity, speed and result.

“With the help of Direct Spark went from 1,000 to over 27,000 users”

Adrian Roman, Managing Partner

“The impact of their work in our bottom line came almost instantly – in the first month of collaboration”

Edith Moldovan, CEO Bioplant

“The guys from Direct Spark gave us a noticeable increase of conversion rates without too
much effort”

Călin Ştefănescu, CEO Tjobs

“Their data-driven approach significantly differentiates them from the majority of online marketers”

Attila Birtha, Managing Partner proClick